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Urimax D – the decision of the problem of the premature and painful urination

        Urimax D is a unique medicine that works a blocker of alpha-adrenergic. The preparation was designed to prevent and to treat the symptoms of the hyperplasia of a benign prostate glad. The other words Urimax D was designed to eliminate the symptoms of premature and painful urination.

Urimax D: The Characteristics

Urimax D is the special form of the hydrochloride, represented in a form of the finished dosage formula. As regard the physical properties of the medicine, Urimax D is produced in the form of the white crystals. The crystals dissolve in water and methanol quickly as well as in ethyl alcohol and glacial acetic acid. Regarding to the essential oils, then Urimax D does not reach practically with the above mentioned elements.

             Urimax D: The cases when the preparation is put on
Urimax D is put on when a patient has the problems with unnatural urination, the reason of which – is the hyperplasia of the prostate gland. The medication can be used as a preventive remedy in the case of the vesicle calcification. Urimax D also works as:

  • The sedative of the smooth muscles’ tone of the prostate;
  • Remedy for improving urine’s flow.


The Results of Urimax D start to appear by the end of the second week after the treatment beginning.